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The NFL: It’s A Numbers Game

Posted by glassonion on May 16, 2006

I have to put my foot down here. I don't think the NFL should change their uniform numbering policy. According to KFFL's Hot Of The Wire, the NFL has changed the policy. Of course this will become known as the "Reggie Bush Rule" should it come to pass that he gets to keep using #5.

Call me old fashion, but there is just something really wrong with this. I mean I still haven't gotten used to seeing so many wide receivers with numbers in the teens and not in the 80's. Seriously, one of the reason's I can't stand to watch college football is because there are defensive ends wearing #9, linebackers wearing #34 and running backs wearing #5. It just doesn't feel right to me. I mean come on, how gross did it look to see Heath Shuler back in the 90's playing QB wearing #21? (By the way, is it now going to be the honorable Heath Shuler soon?

This one's a stretch, but it might actually have negative effect on refs calling the game. The whole reason the numbering system came into play was so that refs would be able to tell what position each player is a bit easier. What if there is a game on the line and Reggie Bush get tackled extra hard? Are the refs going to call roughing the passer? Alright, maybe I am just being a big fat baby, but it COULD happen.


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Microsoft Toots Its Own Search Horn

Posted by glassonion on May 6, 2006

So MS has decided to boast about its search engine. I admit, it’s pretty impressive what they have done in a relatively short amount of time, but let’s not start bragging too much. I still think their algorithmic search doesn’t turn out hugh quality results (in some cases COMPLETELY irrelevant results) and I gave their new PPC product a wack this past week and was flabbergasted at how incredibly buggy it is. At some points it just wouldn’t work and the interface leaves plenty to be desired.

So chill out there Steve Balmer, launching products that a lot of people may or may not be somewhat forced into using isn’t really progress. it’s propaganda.

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Fender Toronado For Sale

Posted by glassonion on May 3, 2006

I have decided to sell one of my guitars. I hate to part with it, but I need the cash. Black Fender Toronado. It's a pretty cool little intrument. Two humbuckers so it's not as thin as one would think a Fender would be.

If anyone is interested I am asking $450 and I will throw in a soft case for it as well. 

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Amelia Island

Posted by glassonion on May 3, 2006

So the family and I are thinking of relocating down to Amelia Island to start a family business. It's a bit of a specialized operation that I think the Island could use. I am curious as to any one's experiences with Amelia Island. More importantly, is there any place in the area that has good schools for the little ones?

We were there like two weeks ago and I for one got such a great vibe from the place.

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Google Vs. Microsoft And Pretty Much Everyone Else

Posted by glassonion on May 1, 2006

So, Google is complaining about Microsoft being unfair for making the default search engine in the search bar in IE 7. Call me cynical, but this to me sounds like one big bully whining about another type of bully for control of their publics “choices”. Ever since Google went public they have slowly but surely been crawling into the subconcious of the internet public. Not as overtly as MS mind you, but in sort of a Jedi mind trick sort of way. For me this started when Google asked me to log into my Gmail by using my “Google Account”. I thought when I signed up for Gmail I was getting just that, an email account. It’s pretty much a sublime version of the MS Passport idea. One login for everything you do online.

The thing about Google is the sneaky way they are going about it. Once you log into Gmail, if you don’t log out Google pretty much tracks everything you do complete with “Personalized Search” history. I don’t remember opting into that one by the way. It’s a borderline deceptive practice I think. As much as they claim that it is for the benefit of the end user, I can’t help but think that it’s just a way to track your every move under the quise of our benefit. Whatever happen to do no evil?

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