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Google Is Reading This

Posted by glassonion on June 30, 2006

So Google launched Google Checkout.

Now I hate to seem cynical about this whole thing, but doesn’t it seem that Google is coming up with more ways to get into your mind? Google Checkout finally launched. Essentially it is their rival to PayPal, It let’s you pay for items with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Call me paranoid, but isn’t this the ultimate way for one to let Google know exaclty what you are selling therefore giving them insider info to market stats that they could then use to jack up the price of the very ads you pay them for? Don’t ask me about specifics, it’s just my knee jerk reaction.

So I will be speaking at SES Miami, and I am REALLY tempted to start my session with a Google joke. Yes I am an SEM nerd so bear with me. Here it is:

“So Google just launched Google Checkout, is it me ot are they trying to index EVERY aspect of your life? Why just the other morning I was using Google Talk’s audio function and found that by that afternoon Google had indexed my soul.”

OK, not the funniest joke, but in a room full of SEO nerds it might get a laugh or two?


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