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Google Web 2.0….. I Mean Google Co-op.

Posted by glassonion on August 15, 2006

“Google Co-op is a platform which enables you to use your expertise to help other users find information.”

Hmm. Is it me, or does that kind of smell of Web 2.0? Is this Google’s way of letting the people influence the content it presents? It sure does seem like another example of Google trying to follow a trend incognito. Email (Gmail)? No, it wasn’t REALLY email at first but a hard to get BETA product reserved for those in the know. Become a portal? Nope, they are just letting you customize your Google homepage with news, email and add RSS feeds and what not.

“This isn’t Web 2.0, it’s just a way to let John Q. Public ‘help other users find information’ by labeling URLs”

It’s like a Jedi mind trick of sorts. But as always, they come up with great ways to not completely give in to a trend. Now I am not exactly the dumbest guy around (I hope) but reading about how to create a “Topic Definition File” almost made my eyes cross.

In short, they are being really smart about it (as always). This isn’t something that John Q. Public can contribute to (not yet) and I think that’s a really great thing. One of my apprehensions about Web 2.0 was the very fact that the public dictates relevance. Call me cynical, but that reminds me of the days of META KEYWORD’s tag abuse. Maybe it’s all cyclical. I can see it all now. W2.0 maybe waters down relevance because some a-holes out there bring on the dawn of 2.0 spam, hence making for crappier results, ergo bringing back the days of the directory……

Now picture that old dude from the Matrix saying that. This whole post was really a ploy to get to use the word “ergo” by the way. Did I even use it correctly?

I digress and admit: I love a lot of the 2.0 stuff now, but it would suck to see Google become the new AltaVista.


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