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Feeling Drafty

Posted by glassonion on April 30, 2006

There were two picks that really shot out at me as some day 1 draft steals. Matt Lienart going to the Cards and Jimmy Williams going to the Falcons.

Sure, Kurt Warner can sling the ball still, but he is always injured. The Cards have really set themselves up for the future. Ithink Lienart will ultimatley have the most success in the NFL. I don't follow college football at all, but everything I have heard about Jimmy Williams is that he has the potential to be a great shutdown CB. It looks like the Falcons are well on their way to having one shutdown CB in D'angelo Hall and now they might just have the best CB tandem in a year or two. They have been addressing the defense really hard this off season and with that monstrous running game? All the makings of a team that is going to be hard to beat.


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The Bass 6

Posted by glassonion on April 29, 2006

I am obsessed with the Fender Bass VI. More accurately, the Schecter Hellcat VI which is the much less expensive knock off.

Essentially it's not a bass or a guitar. It's pretty much both. It's technically a bass but it's more like a deeper baritone guitar. The Cure use it a lot for melodic lead lines (Picture Of You, High, etc..). Lennon used one while recording Let It Be when he was tasked with the bass parts while Paul played keys. I am seriously considering purchasing one and starting a one man musical project. The Bass VI, drums, keys. No traditional guitar or bass.

Of course this isn't the most interesting post. But I am taking WordPress for a spin. I think I like it.

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